Live Atlantic Lobster
Live Atlantic Lobster

Live Atlantic Lobster

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Our lobsters are wild-caught from the cold pristine waters around the North Atlantic and are flown in several times a week. Prized for their hard shell and full meat qualities, the Atlantic lobster is an excellent choice for a celebration feast, a romantic dinner or simply as a special treat.

Atlantic lobster is easy to cook, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Atlantic lobster is very versatile and can be served many different ways, from simply boiled with butter and lemon to luxurious classic dishes such as Lobster Thermidor.

We carry a range of sizes, from 1 lb up to 4 lbs. Buy live lobsters to cook yourself, or we can boil them for you. Our pot is hot until 4:30 pm every day.

The 1lb lobsters are ideal for children to share or as an accompaniment to a main dish.

The 1.25lb lobsters are the perfect size for someone with a smaller appetite, or to share as part of a seafood feast.

The 1.5lb lobsters are the most popular size if you want to serve one lobster per person. This size is also ideal to serve two people as an accompaniment to a main dish.

The 2lb and up lobsters will satisfy those with larger appetites. This size can also be shared between two people.