How to Prepare Geoduck

For first timers or those that haven't tried geoduck at home, preparing and butchering this sustainable delicacy may seem intimidating. But don't worry, it's easier than you think! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove shell
  2. Trim off stomach
  3. Remove outer skin with hot water (should be just too hot to touch)
  4. Rinse and scrub any brown pigments and loose skin 
  5. Cut siphon from body meat
  6. Trim and discard spongy parts from body meat
  7. Cut siphon in half
  8. Cut any of the 4 styles
  • Siphon slices (best for sashimi, hot pot, ceviche, and salad)
  • Thick siphon slices (best for chowder and stirfry)
  • Siphon batons (best for chowder and stirfry)
  • Body slices (best for grilled skewer and chowder)

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