G.O.A.T. Shellfish Combo
G.O.A.T. Shellfish Combo

G.O.A.T. Shellfish Combo

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Inspired by our customers, this is our most popular combo (hence the Greatest Of All Time). This tried and true combo has everything you need for a special treat! It includes:

1 x Lobster (1.75 lb) or Crab (1.8 lb)

2 dozen x West Coast Oysters or Kusshi Oysters (additional $5 for Kusshi)

Lobster and Crab can be cooked. Cooked Clean Crab means that the the gills and guts inside the body of the crab will be removed. 

There will be no cracking service for this combo. 

Please note that your choices are subject to availability. If it is not in stock, we will substitute or let you know.