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Live Atlantic lobster is an excellent choice for a celebration feast, a romantic dinner or simply as a special treat. Our lobsters are flown from Nova Scotia several times a week.

Lobster is easy to cook, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. There are many ways to serve lobster, from simply boiled with butter and lemon to luxurious classic dishes such as Lobster Thermidor.

We carry a range of sizes, from 1 lb up to 4 lbs. Buy live lobsters to cook yourself, or we can boil them for you. Our pot is hot until 5 pm every day. In addition to live lobsters, we also sell fresh and frozen cooked lobster meat, and frozen lobster bodies for stock and bisque.

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For a special dinner or an elegant lunch, crab is hard to beat. Live Dungeness crab, a West Coast delight, is caught along the BC coast and is available year-round. We carry live Dungeness crabs, and fresh and frozen Dungeness crab meat.

Alaskan King crab, especially live, makes an impressive and memorable meal. We bring in live King crabs from February to April, depending on availability. Frozen King crab legs are available anytime.

Whatever type of crab you choose, we can cook it or clean it, or you can take it home and prepare it yourself. Call us or ask our staff about cooking instructions.

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If you listen to a seashell, you can hear the ocean. With our fresh oysters, you can smell and taste a clean, briny ocean breeze.

Our small, delicate oysters are delightful to eat raw with a splash of lemon. Most of our oysters are grown in the clear cold water of the Pacific Northwest. We also carry East Coast oysters, whose flavours contrast nicely with the local oysters. Try a few different kinds and enjoy the subtle variations in flavour and texture. Medium and large oysters, available in our store, are excellent baked or grilled.

More varieties are available in our store. In addition to live oysters, we carry shucked oyster meat in tubs. Call or visit us to find out what’s in stock.

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A steaming pot of clams is a delight for the senses: rich in flavour and aroma, colourful and toothsome. It’s a very easy way to impress your dinner guests or indulge your family.

We carry manila clams and savoury clams. Neither kind is native to BC, but they have made themselves a home here alongside the indigenous clams. Most of our clams are farmed on Vancouver Island north of Nanaimo, and on the northern Gulf Islands.

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West Coast Mussels

A big pot of mussels, plenty of bread or rice to soak up the delicious broth, and friends around the table to share the meal: the essence of sociable eating!

Grown in the cool, clean coastal waters of BC and available all year, our mussels are sweet enough to match with a delicate saffron cream sauce, yet flavourful enough to stand up to a robust tomato-and-wine sauce or a fragrant, spicy Thai curry.

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Forget pearls in oysters – Japanese scallops are the seafood enthusiast’s jewels. Can you resist juicy seared scallops, slightly caramelized on the outside, tender all with way through? Or delicate scallop sashimi almost melting on your tongue? With their versatility, sweet flavour, and smooth texture, Japanese scallops do much of the work for you.

These scallops, a hybrid of the Weathervane scallop and the introduced Japanese scallop, have been farmed in BC since the 1990’s. They are grown suspended in cool clean waters around Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.

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Spot Prawns

AVAILABLE SOON! THE NEW SEASON STARTS AT THE BEGINNING OF MAY 2015. It could be argued that the BC Spot Prawn is the freshest and best tasting prawn in the world. Available live or fresh from May to July, these large prawns have a bright reddish pink body with distinct white spots. The largest of BC’s prawns, it is coveted by all chefs and cooks for its’ sweet delicate flavor and firm, crunchy texture. This season BC Spot prawn tails will also be available.

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Smoked Salmon

Fish can be prepared in a variety of ways. It can be uncooked. It can be cured by marinating, pickling, or smoking. Or it can be cooked by baking, frying, grilling, poaching, or steaming. Many of the preservation techniques used in different cultures have since become unnecessary but are still performed for their resulting taste and texture when consumed.

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Alaskan King Crab makes a spectacular meal, and is one of the most prized species of crab in the world. These tasty monsters can span more than 4 feet across and weigh more than 10 pounds!

When cooked, the shell turns fiery red and reveals snow white meat with red highlights. The meat is sweet and luscious with a robust texture. It is excellent hot or cold, plain or with melted butter, or with garlic or seafood sauce. King crab is also delicious in salads, sandwiches, and a variety of other dishes.

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