The Lobster Man

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Shucking Oysters

Although it may seem intimidating, shucking oysters is simple once you know how. Here are two simple methods for . shucking oysters. Remember to wear gloves, or keep a dish cloth wrapped around the hand that is holding the oyster.  Hold the oyster with the hinge in the palm of your hand. The cup side of the oyster should be down. Look for the crevice between the two shell and insert the knife. 


Slide the blade along the top of the shell to sever the connecting muscle. Twist the knife along the edge until it can be pried apart. Remove the top shell.


To free the oyster from the cupped shell, slide the knife under the oyster meat close to the shell to cut the muscle.  With the cupped shell on the bottom, hold the wide end of the oyster in the palm of your hand. Insert your knife near the hinge and apply pressure to slide the knife through. The shells should pop open slightly. 


After the hinge has been loosened, slide the knife along the top of the flat shell to sever the abductor muscle and remove the top shell

Free the oyster from the cupped shell by sliding the knife under the oyster, as close to the shell as possible