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Live Atlantic lobster is an excellent choice for a celebration feast, a romantic dinner or simply as a special treat. Our lobsters are flown from Nova Scotia several times a week.

Lobster is easy to cook, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. There are many ways to serve lobster, from simply boiled with butter and lemon to luxurious classic dishes such as Lobster Thermidor.

We carry a range of sizes, from 1 lb up to 4 lbs. Buy live lobsters to cook yourself, or we can boil them for you. Our pot is hot until 5 pm every day. In addition to live lobsters, we also sell fresh and frozen cooked lobster meat, and frozen lobster bodies for stock and bisque.

ImageNamesort iconPrice
Atlantic Lobster 1.25lbs$30.00
Atlantic Lobster 1.50lbs$35.00
Atlantic Lobster 2lbs$45.00

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